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I’m amazed to see it is two years since I last wrote a blog; and what a two years that has been. I am now a self employed artist, own a Post Office and run art workshops. I’m “living my dream” to use that much overused phrase.

I started the Workshops in November 2016 as I was convinced that with the right practical tuition anyone that was willing to “have a go” would be able to produce a portrait in oils on canvas. Boy oh boy has that proved to be true looking at the results of my students.

The workshop is a very practical hands on approach, explaining and using the materials, mixing paint, colour mixes, brush technique and some theory thrown in when it helps. We all start with a portrait of Bethan from a reference photograph. I start with a portrait as this is considered the most difficult challenge in painting, so if a student can master a portrait they can go on to produce any type of painting they want. We meet once a week for two hours and the portrait is normally completed in six weeks.

When I started to Workshops I thought that at the end of the six weeks I’d recruit another set of students. It has not worked out that way; everyone then wanted to continue the workshops under my tuition but with their own projects. We now have a whole range of exceptionally good paintings produced by the students; self portraits, children, horses, dogs and a group of hens that Kevin is starting next week.

I have introduced a two day residential workshop being held at Kitley House, if you click on the advert for it on the home page you’ll find all the details.

I’ve also written a book that accompanies the workshop that could be used as a self-study manual.

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