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This is a second portrait of Oliver, the reference photograph was provided by his Grandfather. I changed the composition slightly to make it more of an impact but the basic photograph captured Oliver perfectly.   Sold

Becky with Joey casual

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This is Becky with her Pony Joey, I met her and her parents at HOYS 2014 and arranged photographic session in May 2015. I like Becky’s expression and the natural stance. Sold

Over We Go

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I wanted to practice the power of a horse going over a jump by concentrating on the muscles in the back legs. The reference photograph I used was provided by Shutterstock and was just what I was looking for. I eliminated the background so that the focus was on the horse. Available for sale £950 Limited edition prints £100 Greeting …


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This pair were so calm and collected prior to racing at Exeter Races in 2014 that I felt it deserved a calming grey background to enhance the mood. The jockey is Michael Scudamore  but I do not know the horse, I only found out it was Michael when a racing enthusiast told me at one of my exhibitions. Available for sale …

On Parade

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I loved painting this one, I did a lot of research to get the uniform and tack correct of this Napoleonic Hussar of circa 1812. The 4th regiment did not go the Moscow but remained in Paris. The reference photograph, provided by Shutterstock, had a female Hussar which I changed to look more authentic. Available for sale £650 Limited edition …